Hyperhidrosis Testimony

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when I knew that I didn’t sweat like any other person. For a long time I just thought it was something I was born with and it wasn’t normal. I remember from a young age in mass when it was time to shake hands, I always felt embarrassed and ashamed. I chose to avoid shaking people’s hands.
 It also slowed me down when writing in class as I had to write slower than everyone else because my pens kept slipping from my hands. The constant questions from teachers and parents when they shook my hand always thinking I was nervous and scared and I told them that is how I was. I got so scared of disgusting my classmates that I resulted to avoiding handshakes altogether as people were asking questions I couldn’t answer. I didn’t know why I was sweaty and cold and, the questions made me even more self-conscious. Even though I had gotten used to the questions, I used to be bothered each single time someone asked. What was really disheartening was seeing the person trying to hide their reaction and that hurt me a lot.
Many wonder why I chose to do the surgery despite the high risk of complications and a probability of the treatment not working effectively but, I was yearning for a permanent solution for my condition. I didn’t want to overthink about the smallest of things such as, a handshake or getting my exam papers wet. Surgery was the way out for me and I’ve noticed a difference in my confidence and how I study.
I really appreciate all the doctors and nurses who helped me during this difficult time especially Dr. Ndung’u who didn’t dismiss me like previous doctors who kept telling me to just learn to live with it because they didn’t think it was serious enough. He understood what I was going through and was not dismissive at all, for which, I am thankful. I also want to thank my parents who allowed me to do the surgery no matter how expensive and risky it was. I will forever be grateful and will never forget how much they all made my life better.

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