Dr. Bernard M. Ndung?u
Dr. Bernard M. Ndung'u

Dr. Bernard M. Ndung'u holds a BSc in Human Anatomy, MBChB and MMed (Surgery) degrees from the University of Nairobi, a Diploma in Minimal Access Surgery (MAS) from the World Association of Laparoscopic Surgeons (WALS), The Laparoscopy Hospital in New Delhi, India. He has received additional Fellowship training in Laparo-endoscopic Digestive (GI), Bariatrics/Metabolic and Hernia surgery from the Asia-Pacific region including Singapore, South Korea but mainly in Apollo Hospital in New Delhi & CEMAST (Centre of excellence for Minimal access Surgery Training) in Mumbai, India and in Klinikum Mittelbaden, Germany.

He is a Board Certified General and Laparoscopic surgeon in Nairobi, Kenya.

Dr. Ndung'u is a Senior Lecturer and a thematic head in the Department of Human Anatomy and Surgery of the University of Nairobi, in Nairobi Kenya. He is a Faculty Trainer in Laparoscopic Courses in General Surgery of Nairobi Surgical Skills Centre (NSSC), College of Surgeons of East, Central and South Africa (COSECSA ), Hernia society of Kenya working group, Breast and GI Surgical Oncology/ palliative working group.

His current clinical interests are in care pathway of Breast and GI cancers, Minimal Access Surgical management of Abdominal Wall Hernias, Upper GI digestive diseases with emphasis on the emerging obesity and diabetic pandemic with its associated metabolic disorders such as Type2Diabetes Mellitus and dyslipidemia.

His specific Interest is on anatomical and physiological basis of the Mechanism of action of various bariatric procedures on the aforementioned metabolic disorders.

He has a profound interest in the Medical education and training, and is the Founding and current Chairman of the Hernia Society of Kenya (HSK). He is a member of numerous National, Regional and International professional societies including, the Afro Middle East Hernia Society (AMEHS), Geneva Foundation of Medical Education and Research (GFMER), Asia-Pacific Hernia Society (APHS), World Association of Laparoscopic surgeons (WALS), Association of surgeons of East Africa (A.S.E.A) and Surgical Society of Kenya (S.S.K)

His accolades include the Bassini prize for the best oral presentation of the APHS in 2009 and in pioneering Advanced Minimal Access Surgical procedures at the National referral and teaching Hospital in Kenya; Laparoscopic Ventral Hernia Repair (LVHR) in 2008, Laparoscopic Nissen's Fundoplication (LNF) for GERD/ Hiatal Hernia in 2009 and Laparoscopic Total Extra-peritoneal Hernia Repair (TEP) in2010).

Dr. Ndung'u receives Bassini prize for the best oral presentation of the APHS in 2009
                                                                       Dr. Ndung'u receives Bassini prize for the best oral presentation of the APHS in 2009


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